Property insurance

Property All Risk


(Subject to Satisfactory Risk Inspection and compliance of Recommendations if any.​) 


Property Insurance is designed to cover wide range of properties including Buildings, Machineries, Stocks, Furniture, etc.


The premium is determined by considering mainly the quality of construction of buildings, Operational hazards, level of safety and protection.


​This Insurance is designed to cover your properties against loss or damage caused by any accident or misfortune unless specifically excluded in the Policy.


The property to be insured may consist of the following physical assets:

1. Building

2. Furniture, fixtures and fittings

3. Plant and equipment

4. Office equipment

5. Stock in trade from raw materials to finished products.


The policy is issued on an Annual basis.


Product Details:​


Property “All Risk” Insurance provides comprehensive protection including fire, lightning, storm, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, impact damage, etc other than those few mentioned as ‘exclusions’ under the policy.


The sum insured may be either on the basis of the actual value or the new replacement value of the property.


Extensions are available for enhancing the covers in terms of additional exposures, costs and expenses consequent to a loss. Some of the important ones are listed below.​


1. Architects fee

2. Debris removal expenses

2. Capital addition of assets

4. Temporary removal of property

5. Cover on reinstatement value (new for old) basis for property other than stock

6. Periodical declaration facility of stock sum insured.

7. Possible extensions:


Some of the important exclusions are losses directly or indirectly resulting from

1. Electrical or mechanical breakdown
2. Deterioration of property due to change in temperature
3. Subsidence ground heave landslip
4. Consequential loss (unless specifically included)
5. Contamination pollution wear and tear
6. Property in course of manufacture construction erection.
7. War, Civil  War and Civil Commotion Risks
8. Political Risk Exclusion
9. Nuclear Weapons or Nuclear Materials
10. Sabotage and Terrorism


How to purchase?


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