Liability insurance

Workmen Compensation / Employer’s Liability


This policy provided protection to you as an Employer if you are held liable AT LAW to pay compensation when the employee proceeds against you for any accidental bodily injury and / or disease caused during the course & in connection of the employment.

In addition to the compensation awarded by the Courts, this policy also covers legal costs and expenses, with the prior consent of the  Insurer.

The Policy protects the insured as an EMPLOYER against legal liabilities incurred by him for death and injury (including permanent disabilities) suffered by the employee arising out of and in course of his employment whereby the Employer is obliged to compensate the employee under the law.​

In UAE, the governing law is UAE LABOUR LAW OF 1984.

The Law also provides for compensation for death, disabilities and injuries sustained by the employee whilst being transported from place of residence to the place of work.​

Certain Occupational diseases like sun-stroke, hernia etc. etc. are also treated as injuries requiring compensation.​

Policy also covers changes in laws etc. issued after Issue of Policy.​

The major exclusions under the policy are:

• Injury or disease caused by willful act of the employer
• Contractual liability, fines and penalties
• Sickness or disease other than occupational disease specified under the Workmen’s Compensation Laws
• Asbestos related claims
• War, Civil War and Political Risk Exclusion
• Terrorism & Sabotage
• Electromagnetic Field ( EMF ) Exclusion
• Genetically Modified organism ( GMO ) Exclusion

The limit of Indemnity should be fixed taking into account the number of employees, their occupations, salaries and nationalities​.​


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