Engineering insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance


Under this Insurance, all type of Machinery, Plant, Mechanic Equipment and Apparatus is covered. The equipment or plant may include boilers and turbines and generators also.  The Policy coverage includes any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to the Insured items due to any of the following reasons:


1) Faulty designs – faults at the workshop or in erection.
2) Faulty in operation and failure of safety system, lubricating systems or controls including lack of skill and negligence of the employees.
3) Tearing apart or failure due to the force generated by the machinery itself.
4) Short circuit and other electronic causes.
5) Shortage of water in boilers
6) Faulty operation and damage due to human errors.



Exclusions under this Policy are as mentioned below, 

a) loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, chemical explosions, burglary and theft. 
b) Loss or damage due to faulty designs, defective materials and bad workmanship.
c) Manufacturing defects in the machinery or the risks which fall within the scope of manufacturer’s guarantee.
d) Loss or damage due to mechanical and electrical breakdown or damage not caused by any of the external risks covered by the Policy.
e) Loss or damage due to willful act or willful negligence.
f) Loss or damage due to wear and tear operations of civil commotion or order of any government authority.
g) Loss or damage due to nuclear weapons, radiation and radioactive materials.
h) Losses within the compulsory access.


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