Motor insurance

Motor Cycle

Motorcycles up to 350cc


Comprehensive Insurance:


  • Comprehensive Insurance cover against Loss, Damage to own car, its accessories and spare parts due to:
    1. Accident or accidental collision or overturning, 
    2. Fire, external explosion, self- ignition, lightening or thunderbolt, 
    3. Burglary or theft, 
    4. Malicious act of any third party,
  • Third Party Liability in case of damage to other’s car, property and bodily injury.
  • Legal Liability (Third Party Liability) in case of damage to third party’s car, property up to limit of liability of Dhs.500,000 /- any one accident
  • UAE cover included.
  • Motorcycle will be repaired at Al Ameek garage.
  • The Company’s (Oriental Insurance) maximum liability in respect of Injury or Death of Third Party of any one claim or series of claims resulting from one accident is the sum awarded by the Court, if our insured driver is held liable by the court.

Documents required:



Driver’s license copy: If insurance is to be under a person’s name.


Passport Copy (1st and Visa Page):   If insurance is to be under a person’s name.


Trade license copy: If insurance is to be under the company name.




Vehicle details (Chassis number, Engine Number, etc.): If New car.


Vehicle Registration card If already registered.


Kindly fax or email us the documents thanks.


Kindly confirm quote by return fax/email with documents required to help us issue the Insurance policy for your records and Arabic Certificate for registering your car.


Kindly Note, This Quotation Is Valid For Seven Days from the Above Date Unless Changed with Mutual Consent.


How to purchase?


For detailed information,

Call toll free : 800(628873) - Ext 130