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You work hard to buy an automobile so as to enjoy the trips and may be to support the business needs. An uncertainty can occur anytime leading to heavy losses. The costs to get the vehicle repaired in the event of damage or replacing it just in case it is stolen can be huge. Hence it is most needed to buy an appropriate comprehensive policy cover. 

We at Oriental Insurance understand the needs and offer Comprehensive Motor Insurance products that provide the added protection for your vehicle. It further provides cover for liability, death or property damage of third parties.


Motor Vehicle Insurance as per standard UAE Unified Motor Policy


Cover:Comprehensive Insurance (Section 1&2, Loss Damage & Third Party)


» Comprehensive Insurance cover against Loss, Damage to own car, its accessories and ​spare parts due to: 

1. Accident or accidental collision or overturning

2. Fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning or thunderbolt.

​3. Burglary or theft.

4. Malicious act of any third party

​5. Whilst in transit (including the process of loading and unloading incidental to such transit) by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator, relating to the said transportation.


» The Company’s (Oriental Insurance) maximum liability in respect of death of or bodily injury to Third Party in any one claim or series of claims resulting from one accident is the sum awarded by the Court whatever it may be.


» Personal Accident benefit cover for driver and passengers up to Dhs. 200,000 each in case of death or total permanent disability of person. (Coverage details available upon request).


» Geographical coverage limits UAE.


» Towing, protection and removal costs up to Dhs. 1,000 per accident and Dhs. 3,500 for heavy vehicles above 10 tons.


» Cars will be repaired at dealer’s garage (Agency Repair) or Cars will be repaired at our nominated category A Class 1 garage under our guarantee. (Please note these garages have excellent workmanship and are with all facilities).


» Above are subject to insured’s compliance with policy terms, exceptions, clauses, exclusions and conditions. Please study the policy carefully.


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