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Third Party Liability Insurance‚Äč


Cover: Third Party Liability Insurance‚Äč


» Insurance cover against Third Party Liability in case of damage to other’s car, property and bodily injury.

» Legal Liability (Third Party Liability) in case of damage to third party’s car, property upto limit of liability of Dhs. 250,000/- any one accident.

» The Company’s (Oriental Insurance) maximum liability in respect of death of or bodily injury to Third Party in any one claim or series of claims resulting from one accident is the sum awarded by the Court whatever it may be.

» Personal Accident benefit  cover for driver and passengers upto Dhs. 200,000 each in case of death or total permanent disability of person. (Coverage details available upon request).

» Geographical coverage limits UAE only.

» TP Car/s will be repaired at our nominated category A Class 1 garage.

» Above are subject to insured’s compliance with policy terms, exceptions, clauses, exclusions and conditions. Please study the policy carefully.


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