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Jewellers Block Insurance Policy

This is a package policy specially designed for jewellers & diamontaires i.e. those establishments dealing solely in diamonds.Scope   The policy comprises four sections which are optional except for section I which is compulsory. Section I : Cover

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Cash Insurance Policy

Unless otherwise stated, CASH would mean Bank Notes, Current coins, Cheques, Postal & Money orders and Current postage stamps.   COVERAGE   Policy shall indemnify the insured for loss of cash due to any reason except that the cause comes unde

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy

  This policy provides indemnity to the employer against monetary loss sustained by reason of any act of FORGERY, EMBEZZLEMENT, LARCENY or FRADULENT CONVERSION of money or goods of the employer.   The Policy is issued for a fixed period of one yea

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Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

  This insurance is specially designed to cover the legal liability arising out of the profession of the insured individual or the insured Company / Firm due to professional misconduct or acts of negligence / omission or commission resulting into monetar

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Group Personal Accident

  We all in our day to day life are exposed to the risks of accidents. Despite all possible precautions accidents do occur. This may result into disablement or loss of limbs or sometimes even death. To cater to this need insurers have devised an insuranc

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